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Short articles.
Lightning-fast publishing.
Broad dissemination.

Academia Letters is a new experiment in Open Access academic publishing. We aim to rapidly publish short-form articles such as brief reports, case studies, "orphaned" findings, and ideas dropped from previously-published work.

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Academia Letters Key Features

  1. Author submits an article.
  2. finds peer reviewers from our network of millions of academics. They accept or reject the article.
  3. Article is immediately published. Authors can revise it after publication.
  4. immediately distributes the article to its reader base, making it freely and permanently accessible.
  5. The author can start a discussion of their article with interested researchers (optional).

Featured Authors

Author Testimonials

Publishing with Academia Letters was great. I had this short essay and I couldn't set the time aside to work on it. This is a great opportunity--it will go out there and people will read it.

Elana Gomel
Elana Gomel
Tel Aviv University

Academia Letters has the potential to become a great hit, and a great mover of science towards faster, more open, and more progressive ways of scholarship.

Joseph Jordania
Joseph Jordania
University of Melbourne