Cool facts about Depeche Mode


Depeche Mode can be considered the symbol of an entire generation. The band was formed in 1980 in Basildon, Essex. Although the group is English, the name is inspired by the French culture; its meaning is close to “fashion news”. At first, nobody trusted their innovative style, but soon they became pioneers of electronic music.

Their musical activity is impressive. Over the years they have rewarded the public with studio and concert albums where fans can find all their favorite songs. Depeche Mode is a fascinating band, so let’s find out more interesting facts about them.

Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher are the founding members. The lead singer, Dave Gahan, joined them after an audition. Their singing style is inspired by the punk decadence of the ’70s and by the synth-heavy electronic works brought by Kraftwerk and The Human League. Considering this, we could say that these guys wanted to cover the gap between the past and the future.

Although Depeche Mode is on the list of electronic music pioneers, they’re still using modular and old-fashioned synthesizers from the ’70s and ’80s even when they sing more recent plays. With all the innovation brought on the musical market, the band never had a number one single in the UK.

The closest they got to top three was in 1984 with the single “People Are People”, in 1997 with “Barrel Of A Gun” and in 2005 with “Precious”. All of these songs were on the 4th place in the UK charts.

“Personal Jesus” was launched in 1989 and it is an enduring anthem from the band’s discography. At first, their media company, Warner Bros, hesitated to release the song because the sound was radically different.

Also, they feared that the message could be misunderstood by conservatives since it could be perceived as a “double entendre of sex and religion”. In the end, they were glad that they accepted the challenge because, at that time, the song became the biggest selling song in all of Warner Bros’ history.


The album which brought Depeche Mode commercial success in the USA was “Music For The Masses” released in 1987. Their breakthrough was possible with support from producer Daniel Miller, who is also the founder of Mute Records.

If we were to ask band members what their favorite song is, Gore and Fletcher would say “What’s Your Name”, a song from their debut album, ‘Speak & Spell’, launched in 1981. Many people think that this record has a lighter tone in comparison with the band’s later work.

All things considered, Depeche Mode remains one of the most important bands from the musical market. They are road openers and many new bands take them as an example. If you like their music, keep listening to it because it sounds really good! If you want to be like them, follow your dream!